A Bold Voice for a Better Knox County


Why I'm Running 

I have lived in Knox County for 25 years now, and I have seen the brilliance this county offers with its innovative students, a major highway running right through town, and a community full of hardworking people. However, this county has a lot of untapped potential, and I want to fix that. 

I felt that every year citizens assumed no one but a Republican could win the Mayor's race, so we hand it over without a serious challenge. This year is going to be different. I have a vision for what this county could be, and I want to work with everyone to make it a destination, not just a pitstop. I'm here to win, so please commit to vote for me August 2nd.

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Make your voice heard in our County elections on Tuesday, Aug. 2 (Early Voting: July 13-28). The last day to register to vote for the August election is July 3rd.